Suhyun An, D.C., Campbell Medical Center

Owner, Campbell Medical Group

Campbell Medical Group
Topic: “Regenerative Medicine: The Future of Healing”
Audience: Working and retired adults
Territory: Metro Houston: north to The Woodlands/Conroe, east to I-45, south to 288 (inside beltway) and west to Sealy

Dr. Suhyun An is not just a doctor of chiropractic and nurse practitioner but a specialist in regenerative medicine; she’s a living example of how both can transform someone’s life.

After being hit by a drunk driver and suffering for years with chronic neck pain, Dr. An was finally healed due to chiropractic care. As a result, she channeled her lifelong interest in science and medicine into becoming a chiropractor herself, graduating cum laude from the prestigious Parker College of Chiropractic.

About five years ago, Dr. An seriously hurt her right shoulder, which could have been a career-ending injury. Instead, she received stem cell therapy, which just about got rid of the pain without surgery. She was diagnosed with a leaky heart valve and borderline abnormal heart rhythm, both of which were also healed with stem cell therapy.

Dr. An’s personal experiences led her to open Campbell Medical Group in 2004, which offers state-of-the-art pain management services using FDA-approved regenerative stem cell therapy, neuropathy treatment and chiropractic care. These natural, non-invasive therapies are alternatives to traditional medical or surgical pain management and provide Houston residents with the most comprehensive approach for pain relief.

She is currently enrolled in the American Academy of Anti-Aging’s Stem Cell Therapy Fellowship program, which includes treatment methods for specific regenerative conditions using novel and cutting-edge therapies. This program features a faculty of top educators and thought leaders in the field of functional and regenerative medicine.

A member of the Academy of Regenerative Practices, Dr. An is the author of “The Pain Free Knee” and “Demystifying Stem Cell Therapy,” and is an in-demand conference speaker who is consulted by doctors all across the country on various regenerative medicine protocols.

p style=”text-align: justify;”>Dr. An is a longtime resident of Houston and received her bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in family nurse practitioner from the University of Houston.