Steve Longo

Managing Partner, NextStep Coaching, LLC

NextStep Coaching, LLC
Topic: “What Every Parent of a College Student Should Know”
Audience: Working and retired adults
Territory: Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex: Collin, Dallas, Denton, Rockwall and Tarrant counties

Thirty some-odd years ago while playing baseball and attending Pepperdine University, Steve Longo knew that while an undergraduate business degree wasn’t exactly a ticket to a career, it would help him get his first job.

These days, Steve works with undergraduates who have been led to believe their degree should be a ticket to a job – if not a career – right out of school, and are shocked to learn that in the real world, it takes a whole lot more than that.

As Managing Partner of NextStep Coaching, LLC, Steve coaches college students from freshmen to seniors on how to become employable long before they get to put on their cap and gown.

As part of a customized game plan and coaching program, students prepare to get hired by becoming active in community service and campus clubs and organizations to gain precious leadership and managerial skills, qualities companies look for in their new hires, but which are never taught in the classroom.

Along with the usual resume/cover letter and job application skills, students learn how to earn internships, dress for success, prepare for interviews, properly execute career fairs and most importantly, how to network their talents into a career position upon graduation.

An entrepreneur and veteran of sales and marketing as well as a Dad of college age students, Steve has worked nearly exclusively in the print industry. Partnering with the largest advertising firms in the country, Steve’s career spans 28 years with over $150 million in sales.