Jason Meyer, Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas

Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas
Topic: “What You Don’t Know About Arthritis”
Audience: Working and retired adults
Territory: Dallas/Fort Worth: Tarrant County and southern Denton County (to Lewisville)

As a chiropractor and as a patient, Dr. Jason Meyer knows about pain first hand. While surfing at 13, he suffered a traumatic low back injury that caused severe pain and sciatica for several months.

After seeing many different specialists, the consensus was he needed low back surgery which would have laid him up for months and required intense physical therapy – a lot for a young teen to take in.

Instead, his father took him to a local chiropractor. Within two weeks of starting chiropractic care, he was not only pain free for the first time in months, he had found his life’s calling.

As the founder of Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas, Dr. Meyer and his colleagues provide chronic pain management and relief to residents in Fort Worth, Arlington, Keller and surrounding communities by helping their bodies heal naturally.

After a thorough diagnostic assessment, patients receive a customized treatment plan incorporating drug-free and non-invasive treatments including physical rehabilitation, laser therapy, dietary modification, regenerative therapy and chiropractic care.

The clinics treat such conditions as auto accidents, diabetes, back pain, disc herniation, knee pain, migraine, peripheral neuropathy, scoliosis and sports medicine though safe, conservative and effective alternative treatments to drugs and surgery.

He then joined U.S. HealthWorks as managing physician of its integrated care clinic in San Diego, where he treated work injuries, addressed urgent medical needs and conducted physical exams.

A well-known public speaker and mentor to physicians, chiropractors and other naturopathic healers, Dr. Meyer earned his doctorate of chiropractic from Palmer-West Chiropractic University and a B.A. in pre-med from Ventura College.