Booking Services for Local Businesses

Unlike speakers’ bureaus that represent professional speakers, The JW Speakers Agency only represents local business owners or professionals like you who use free speaking as a way to attract clients and build their business. If you’re thinking about reaching more people in your area in the most cost-effective way, public speaking might just fit the bill.

And rather than relying on advertising, social media, email blasts or even our own website, we find speaking opportunities for you by reaching out to selective groups by phone and email and making personal contact with the individuals responsible for booking speakers.

We get paid only if we get you booked with the groups you want to speak to, and we work with you to maximize the value of your speaking engagements so they result in solid leads for you. Our job is to bring you together with the groups in your area mostly likely to include people who would be interested in your services.

We handle all aspects of the booking process, including:

  • Writing your booking email, professional bio and attendee signup form
  • Customizing a venue list tailored to your targeted audience and geographic area
  • Identifying and contacting key individuals at these groups, and
  • Consistently following up with them until we get a confirmed date for you

And if you’re not a writer, we can write your talk for you and provide you with speech and sales and marketing coaching services as needed.

You will be copied or blind copied on every email that has your name on it so you will know who we are talking to on your behalf. Once you get set up in our system and we start finding speaking opportunities for you, all you’ll have to do is approve a date, show up and do your talk.

We’ll then issue a confirmation to you and the group with both your and their contact information so you can deal directly with each other from that point on. It’s that simple.

Why Speak for Free?

When compared to other forms of marketing, public speaking is the most cost effective way to generate business for your business because:

    • You are automatically considered an expert in your field, simply because you are in front of an audience – even before you say a word.
    • Even if there are many other people doing what you’re doing in your area, you’re the one potential clients think of first because you’re the one they know something about.
    • Speaking can build your credibility like nothing else, and is a natural addition to publicity or other forms of marketing.
    • You can easily build your contact list and generate a consistent stream of warm leads that can be turned into paying clients and referral sources.
    • Networking becomes easier because you’re likely to make better connections that are more likely to lead to real results, like partnerships or sales.
    • You get a free meal. No, really. With few exceptions, most groups will feed you in exchange for your talk and nothing beats sharing a meal with new friends.
  • Client Testimonials

    One of the people from the first booking Janet arranged for me signed up for care. He didn’t even ask much questions. I was afraid the whole event was a waste, but he pretty much showed up ready to do it, saying my presentation was great; he only asked if we took credit cards. It was fabulous. I wish I had more patients like that.
    Suhyun An, D.C., Campbell Medical Center